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Friday, June 09, 2006

A Healthy Fear?

Today we went to Splashtown. My girls are so tired and Charlie and I are as well. We had a wonderful time though! It was Charlie's last day of Jr. High day camp, and we were invited to join them there for a day of fun! It was Felicity's first time at a waterpark and she had so much fun! A little too much fun...she's very brave and while I really do LOVE to swim, I am terrified of water at the same time. She made me so nervous. My mother-in-law came along as well and helped me with the girls. At one point, we were in the toddler/little kid area and Lori (my MIL) had the baby and I was playing with Felicity. I was rubbing my eyes for maybe 10 seconds when I heard her yell, "Andrea!!!!" I looked down and Felicity was floating face down in the water. It absolutly terrified me. It was only for a split second, Lori told me that Felicity slipped right as I got her, but still the image of her floating in the water like that is just haunting me today! She was perfectly fine, and when I got her out, she spit out some water and wanted to get back in. ::sigh:: But babies and water scare me. Maybe this fall I'll get in one of those mommy and me swim classes at the Y just to start her learning the rules and become more familiar with the whole water scenario. Not that something like that would have prevented the slip, but it just got me thinking... ANYWAY, we had a great day and so much fun.

I have a cranky baby. Maybe I'll update more later.


At 6/10/2006 7:25 AM, Blogger Jennie C. said...

It happens now and then. They hold their breaths naturally for a few seconds at least, long enough for you to fish them out. Our hearts pound for a lot longer, though!


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