A handmaid of the Lord

Behold the handmaid of the Lord: Be it done unto me according to Thy word. These are the thoughts and experiences of my journey toward being a handmaid with Mary as my example.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Free Trial

I think I’m going to sign up for the free trial later on today.

Small, but thriving

I have a small herb garden going in a large pot on the porch. I’ve got two large basil plants going, I revived my poor dying chives, and there is a flat leaf parsley plant going. They are all growing well; it is encouraging for when we buy a house and I can create a large cullenary herb garden. For now, I’m going to say I’ve done it!

I love this thing!

My mom heard that I wanted one of these, so she got me one! She got me the family sized one that has two sides. It’s huge. It was on sale at Target, and such a good deal! I used it the other night when Angie came over for dinner. I made steaks on one side and hot dogs for the kids on the other side. It was amazing. Easy to clean, easy to use… It’s so much less intimidating than the outside grill. I am content to let my darling husband be in charge of outdoor cooking! But this this is great. I’m going to grill up a bunch of chicken breasts later on this evening and freeze them for salads or dinners or whatever my little heart desires later on. yaya

We did it!

Directv is gone from our house! It’s so weird… We got tv antennas and they do pretty good, except for channel 2, which is NBC. Not sure what we’re going to do about that. We have been spending our time doing things other than watching TV, so…that was the goal. lol I’m really excited to be able to check this off the list!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I'm going back to xanga.

I just like it better.


Saturday, June 10, 2006


I'm a pretty serious introvert. I have real issues with stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that might embarass me. So when Angie asked me to go with her and Kelly to the "Latin Dance Workout" at the YMCA, I was really stressed. See...there are so many things that sound like fun to me but I really have to talk myself into doing them because it's really easy for me to say no and hide. Almost ALWAYS I am able to convince myself to do whatever it is, and then I am glad that I did...but it's such a struggle for me to get there. I really dislike that about myself, but I've spent 23 years this way and I have learned how to talk myself into things. At the same time though, I will often do things up to a limit. For example, today at the latin dance class, I had a great time but when the instructor put us in a circle and people were being pulled into the middle to show off their moves, I pretty much wanted to throw up. If she had asked me to do it, I would have said no. I have a limit...I just can't do it. Poor Angie was panicing for me. lol
I feel like I am adventureous. Just...sometimes I have to be coerced into it. It seems like in the last 24 hours I've really taken some risks....and in all cases I was satisfied with the outcome. I suppose it will always be that way lol.

Well...we are going to spend the afternoon cleaning out our sunroom. It will soon have it's very own purpose and use. More on that in a couple weeks...

Friday, June 09, 2006

A Healthy Fear?

Today we went to Splashtown. My girls are so tired and Charlie and I are as well. We had a wonderful time though! It was Charlie's last day of Jr. High day camp, and we were invited to join them there for a day of fun! It was Felicity's first time at a waterpark and she had so much fun! A little too much fun...she's very brave and while I really do LOVE to swim, I am terrified of water at the same time. She made me so nervous. My mother-in-law came along as well and helped me with the girls. At one point, we were in the toddler/little kid area and Lori (my MIL) had the baby and I was playing with Felicity. I was rubbing my eyes for maybe 10 seconds when I heard her yell, "Andrea!!!!" I looked down and Felicity was floating face down in the water. It absolutly terrified me. It was only for a split second, Lori told me that Felicity slipped right as I got her, but still the image of her floating in the water like that is just haunting me today! She was perfectly fine, and when I got her out, she spit out some water and wanted to get back in. ::sigh:: But babies and water scare me. Maybe this fall I'll get in one of those mommy and me swim classes at the Y just to start her learning the rules and become more familiar with the whole water scenario. Not that something like that would have prevented the slip, but it just got me thinking... ANYWAY, we had a great day and so much fun.

I have a cranky baby. Maybe I'll update more later.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tuesday Pics


This is the week of Junior High Day Camp at our church, which means that Charlie must leave very early every morning and do a lot of really energy-zapping activities with the 11-14 crowd. Charlie is not in charge of the Junior High catechesis and ministry at our church, he does High School only. But, his good friend does JH, and thus, Charlie is there to help for this week. He's so tired. Poor guy.
Yesterday they went to Katy Mills and to see "Over the Hedge," followed by a trip to the bowling ally. Once the day was over with JH, Charlie then had XLT which is a big time praise and worship program with adoration for high school kids all over the diocese. Ben Walther was playing with his band and his wife, Maria, came also. Charlie invited me for all this yeserday and initally I didn't want to go since it would be such a long day with the girls. But, we left at 6:30 AM, and got home at probably 10:45 last night and all in all, the day went great! We had so much fun! The movie was cute and I loved hanging out with Maria.
Everyone was so tired after all that, but Gabrielle had a fever (I think she's teething, poor thing is so miserable) and REFUSED to sleep last night. I am so wiped out today.
Well, I have a hungry baby, but I want to post pics from yesterday, so I'll get back on and do that in a little bit!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Charlie - Mr. Wonderful

I had the most horrifying dream last night that Charlie was driving home from work and got hit by a semi on FM-2978 and died instantly. It was one of those dreams where it seemed so real that I was relieved to wake up. It's been bothering me all day long and I just can't shake it. I was so devistated and hysterical...I can't imagine loving anyone in the world like I love him. And it was worse that he wasn't there when I got up (he has to leave at 5 AM every day this week for Junior High day camp). I just need to let go of it. I hate that kind of stuff.
I hope that we still have years and years together. The other day I made a comment to him about how in "25 years...," and then I thought WOAH 25 YEARS?! lol I can't imagine being with someone for that long...just because I have no gague of what 25 years is, I'm only 23 years old after all and out of those 23 years, I only remember probably 15 at most lol. Next month, we'll have been together for 8 years (3 of which we'll have been married). We met when we were in high school at a summer time NET retreat. I remember the moment I first saw him. He's 6'1"ish and the door frame was low, I remember him ducking under the door frame, looking up, and then I saw his amazing blue eyes. It certainly wasn't love at first sight, because I don't believe in that. But something stirred within my soul, something I couldn't put my finger on. We didn't meet eachother for 2 more days (there were a lot of people there and we each had our own friends we were with), but we had noticed each other. He is my best friend and the greatest blessing of my life - I thank God all the time for putting such an amazing man in my life. He's such a loving father, a hard worker, a faithful and faith-filled man; he's got amazing integrity, a servant's spirit, and he is so strong. Obviously I can't begin to name every little thing about him that I love and adore but, I just wanted to take a moment to reflect after last night. I never want to take him for granted. He's wonderful.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sweet Silence

My house is so quiet right now...but I suspect that everyone will be up soon! This has been one of the most lovely weekends we've had in a long time. We didn't end up going to visit my family because my mom called before we were to leave and told me that Julia (my littlest sister, she's almost 1) had a high fever and that we shouldn't come. I appreciated that because there have been MANY times that we've gone there and Isabella was sick (she's the second youngest sister - she's 3 1/2) and I've come home with a miserable Felicity. I was sad not to go, as it was my mom's birthday yesterday and I absolutly adore her - but we're going to go this coming weekend and we'll be there for Julia's birthday!

My house is a wreck right now, that is the real reason I got up before everyone else. Our a/c has been leaking water for about a month now and yesterday it reached it's peak by soaking about 6 ft. into our wood floor in the living room allll the way across the width of the room. ::sigh:: So, Charlie figured out how to fix it and it was a huge mess. Now there are towels and flashlights and a/c filters and all kinds of mess everywhere. He fixed it in the middle of the night last night while I was nursing the baby and fell asleep.

Things in life are really looking up right now...I so wish I could share some of the goings in our life on here - I have so many thoughts. And while I know this is MY blog and I can say whatever I want, out of respect for the position Charlie is in right now I just can't put a lot of details out there. Let's just say that in the near future there may be an opportunity for real financial peace. That's a huge leap from where we have come from...maybe I'll reflect on that later...

For now, I'm going to have some breakfast and clean up before my sweet family awakens!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Friday, June 02, 2006

Beautiful Day

It has been a truly lovely day. Fridays are Charlie's days off and so I am always looking forward to them. We started the day with First Friday mass at St. Anthony's, then went to have breakfast together. Charlie had a meeting at noon, so the girls and I hung around and they took naps. I have been feeling HORRIBLE today though, my back is aching and I have been feeling nautious with a headache. So, when Charlie came home he took care of Gabrielle (FAM was sleeping) and I took a nap. Later we had dinner and went to the Woodlands Market Street and Felicity ran around to get some wiggles out.

Both my girls are in bed now, which is sort of early. And we are planning to go to bed too so that we can get to confession in the morning. I need to go. ::sigh:: I need the grace of that sacrament so that I can be a better wife and mama.

I have had a host of sorrowful emails today. One, a woman in my FAMILA group is having health problems and has 4 children - one being just a tiny infant. She's in the hospital for testing. Another, a friend of a friend is engaged to a man who has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. They are my age. So sad. Please keep them in your prayers.

Also, speaking of prayers - please pray for my sweet Charlie! Some stuff has been happening that is very exciting for him and for our family. Please just pray for the will of God to be realized. I really can't go into detail, as he has asked me not to.

Once again, speaking of Charlie - he's outside having a cigar and I think I might go sit with him. ;-)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Interesting Opportunity

I just found out that St. Anthony’s has a choir that performs Russian Vespers. THAT is my kind of stuff. They are preparing for Pentecost, and going through June. I am really going to pray about this opportunity. The main issue is that they rehearse on Sunday nights from 7-8:30 and I’m not sure what I would do with my girls since Charlie works Sunday evenings… We’ll see…but for now I’m going to think and pray about it, because that sounds so amazing. When I was looking at the bulletin online earlier and saw that, I just happened to be listening to Rachmaninov Vespers on my iPod! lol

Fun with Food

Here are some pics I just put on my computer from last night. Felicity was excited about having a "pizza picnic" with daddy and Gabrielle was REALLY excited about her first biter biscuit. lol

Looks like I spoke too soon on the sunny day...it's POURING outside! lol

You Are My Joy

I feel so joyful today.

I don't know if it is because of the coffee. Or maybe that I got up at 8:30 and had 3 hours to get things done before my little ones stirred. It could be that the water well guys came out to fix my water pump yesterday and now I have continuous water pressure (we are on well water, and my pump wasn't working, so I would have to go outside and turn it back on several times a day), which means that I am getting a killer amount of laundry done. Maybe it's that my children are in particularly good spirits today or that the sun is out for the first time in nearly a week or that Charlie is coming home early today. It could be the prayers of Sts. Felicity and Perpetua, who I begged to pray for me this morning.

All those things contribute, but mostly, it's probably that I made the decision that today I'm going to be joyful. Jesus, You are my joy!

Note: Go to iTunes and look up David Crowder Band's song "You Are My Joy." It's amazing.