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Behold the handmaid of the Lord: Be it done unto me according to Thy word. These are the thoughts and experiences of my journey toward being a handmaid with Mary as my example.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Thoughts on Mass

What a truly beautiful day...

We got up early, planning on going to mass at 9, but changed our minds and went to walmart instead to get some things for the yard. We have a courtyard on the side of the house that, with some work, could be incredibly beautiful. That's where I want to put my Mary Garden and a statue of the Blessed Mother. Charlie dug a fire pit and put down that garden plastic to kill the grass, and started covering it with pine bark. It's going to look really pretty I think, I'll post pics for sure once I'm' done. I cleaned up the porch a bit, swept the never-ending sand away from the sand box, hung up some lovely flowers, and planted some basil and parsley. If we end up going back to walmart tomorrow, I need to buy some more chives as well. Our house has such potential for outdoor beauty that we have never tapped into, mostly because the money wasn't there or we didn't go outside as much. Now that Felicity plays out there all the time we enjoy being out there with her.

After working in the yard, we got cleaned up and headed to mass at SEAS and then to a graduation party for some of Charlie's teenagers.

Mass was really great for me today, although Gabrielle made it hard for me to concentrate because she is so wiggly. I think she'll be so much happier when she can crawl because she is just not content to be held. Anyway...that's off the topic. There was a lovely flower arrangement in front of the alter today, it must have been from a wedding over the weekend. It was all red roses and red gerbera dasies. It was striking and reminded me of my own wedding, where we had all red roses. We usually sit in the front, since Life Teen encourages the teenagers to sit together and Charlie sits with them. My girls are usually pretty well behaved when we're both there so that hasn't been an issue. When they brought the book of Gospels up today I couldn't help but think of our beloved John Paul the Great, and of his funeral. I will never forget sitting up at my parents house watching his funeral in the middle of the night, weeping, and still joyful. That red book always reminds me of him, and when they placed the book upon his coffin and the wind blew it shut. It gave me chills then, and as I think about it now I get them as well. Jesus was there and He was powerful.

Some issues in the (terrible, as usual) homily opened some doors of conversation between Charlie and I on the way home. It turned out to be a very enlightening conversation about us as a couple, and our past, and our love. He said something to me that moved me to tears, something I've been wating for him to say in the depths of my heart - without even realizing it. I am so madly in love with this man...

Well, I must head to bed. We are having a Memorial Day BBQ at my house tomorrow and I need some good sleep before I get up and get ready for it in the morning. My house is a mess and I need to run to the store...so hopefully I can get that all done in the AM.

John Paul the Great - Pray for Us!


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