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Monday, May 15, 2006

Super Long Weekend Update

I'm kind of lonely today. Charlie will be working late and after a really fun-filled weekend I'm kind of feeling the let down being here in the quiet.

We enjoyed our weekend, as we had a lot of events and stuff to do, so we got to spend quite a bit of time together. On Saturday we had to go up to church because all the faith formation directors were having a party for their volunteers, so we went early and went to St. Frances catholic bookstore over on Hwy. 6. It is owned by a couple who is incredibly faithful. They have the "official" shrine for Blessed Miguel Pro, it is the spot that the Vatican designated for all of Fr. Pro's cannonization stuff. It was amazing, the owner, Lawrence, told me the whole story of Fr. Pro and showed me all of the different relics he has. Charlie explained to me that Lawrence is in a lay order who is in charge of preserving relics and that was why he had so many. We're talking first-class relics, pieces of bone and such. He had all of the 12 disciples, Anne and Joachim, Francis, Claire, Therese of Lisoux, Bernadette, Foustina, tons of them - even a piece of the true cross. It was amazing. I am so thankful to be catholic and a part of this rich and beautiful faith of truth. While we were there I didn't get to look around as much as I would have liked since Felicity is a destructive 2-year-old and Charlie had to be back to church to set up. But I did buy Felicity a miraculous medal with the birthday money that my grandparents sent her. It doesn't bother her and it is so sweet to see her with it on. You can see it in one of the pics above I think. Our sweet Deacon Lupe blessed it for her when we got up to church.

The party that night was nice, we got to eat Johnny Carino's and dance and chat. Charlie got in his new shirts that he's selling with the vatican flag crest on it. That's what we're wearing with the yellow sleeves. On the back it says PAPIST and below XVI (16- for Benedict our holy pope!). I saw it on God or the Girl on one of the guys and pointed it out to him and in a matter of weeks he did it. lol Kevin made a cool one too with a very simple outline of Our Lady of Guadalupe that says "Mama's Boy" underneath.

For Mother's Day, Charlie had to work all day selling roses as a fundraiser so we didn't really do anything. He did get me a sweet gift though and wrote me a beautiful card.
I will never forget my first Mother's Day. We were still at St. Paul's, and it was the first time that we took Felicity up for mass, as she was brand new, only a few weeks old at most. It was the day that confirmed in my heart God's love for me and His wisdom because only He knows what would truly give me joy. For 9 months I had not looked forward to becoming a mother, but that day they gave all the mothers roses. I remember walking through the line, holding my precious child and a young man that was in the Life Teen program that I knew handed me a rose and said, "Happy Mother's day, Andrea." And with that, it was like an internal gasp - I was a mother, and I had great joy and peace in that. It was a precious moment.

Yesterday there was a huge storm at my house, pouring rain and thunder and lightening right on top of us. We live in a heavily wooded forest of pine trees, so I always get a little scared. I called Charlie and told him that we were going to go up to church early and to see if he needed anything. As I was talking to him my power cut out. So I had to get the girls ready in the dark (and myself! scary!) and we got out of here as soon as the rain let up a bit before it came back through. On our way home at about 10:30, Angie's husband (Angie is my dear friend and also nearest neighbor) called because they had just arrived home after a weekend in Dallas to NO POWER. After 7 hours it had not been fixed! So Charlie and Chris went to the store for candles (and came back with a multitude of religious candles in spanish, lol) and beer and wine. We all sat around in the dark and played drinking games and laughed and had a great time. We finally had to come home regardless of the fact that the power wasn't back on yet because Charlie was sooooo tired. It came home almost immediately after we got home. We had so much fun, so I was glad it was out. lol

So after all that....today is a bit lonely. There's a lot going on in my heart right now - I need to get my chores done, put the girls down, and get in some good prayer time.
St. Frances and St. Claire - pray for us.


At 5/15/2006 2:44 PM, Blogger Jennie C. said...

One summer, the power was out in our neighborhood nearly all day. In the evening hours, with no tv to watch, all the neighbors were outside chatting and playing. I was inside with the kids, getting them ready for bed, but it was one of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard, all those people who barely nod in passing telling their stories to each other. A little after 8pm, it seemed the whole world powered up, and all those folks outside cheered. I think their joy was misplaced, though, and I've always felt a little sad that they didn't see how good they had it in the dark.

At 5/15/2006 9:35 PM, Anonymous angie said...

I had so much fun with you guys!
So which body part would you rather cut off?
A) your big toe B) tip of your pinky
I hate that you were lonley today. We should have gotten together, seriously, I mean...
I can see your roof from my window, there is no reason for us to be lonely!
love you.


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