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Behold the handmaid of the Lord: Be it done unto me according to Thy word. These are the thoughts and experiences of my journey toward being a handmaid with Mary as my example.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Strangest Thing

The strangest thing happened yesterday. Charlie left for work and it was rainy and muddy as it was the day before. Several hours went by and my internet stopped working, as did my house phone line. We don't use our phone line, in fact I don't think I ever remember the phone number here; we only use our cell phones because it's practically long distance to call anywhere in Houston. Also, the lines at my house are really static-y and just bad. So anyway, I was sitting on the couch nursing Gabrielle and Felicity was playing. Suddanly there's a knock on the door and I see a man's head out the window near the door. Understand, we live off a dirt road, where people don't come, and the only people who have been around lately are construction guys. I could tell it wasn't a construction guy. So I opened the door and it was a police officer! It scared the daylights out of me! He seemed stressed after having to go through the awful mud, and asked the house number here and I told him. He then told me that they got a 911 call from my phone number and then when they tried to call back it was only static on the line! It was so strange! I told him that we don't even use our phone line, we only have it so we'll have internet. In fact, there's not even a phone plugged into it anywhere! He asked if Felicity could have called, and I said no, the phoneline is in my laundry room and I have a baby gate up so she can't go in there... He was so nice, but it was the weirdest thing! Creepy...

Today my FAMILIA group got together to play, but I couldn't go because Charlie had to take my jeep to work since his Jetta can't get through the mud. It just keeps raining and keeps raining...::sigh:: I don't want to spend the next several weeks stuck at home. I'm already getting stir crazy as I haven't left the house since...Monday morning. ugh

We are going to go to Fort Worth this weekend to visit my family. It's my mom's birthday, so I have to go shopping! My sister Julia is having a birthday a week from Saturday, so I need to get her something also. She's turning 1! lol Aparently she walks now, which blows my mind. Awww...I miss my family. My sister Marissa was IMing me this morning (she's 8), and it's just amazing to me that such little people can manuver the internet so well. lol

Well, I have much to do before we leave tomorrow so I suppose I should get to it!


At 5/31/2006 4:24 PM, Anonymous angie said...


I hope you have fun in fort worth!
Although I'll be pretty sad knowing you aren't home.



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