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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mama Bear

Why oh why oh why....?

It seems like everytime Charlie has to go somewhere for a substantial amount of time, something happens at home that I wish he could be here to rescue me from?! lol This morning, as soon as he left this HUGE lizard ran across my living room! We do live in a forest, so it's not uncommon to see animals around OUTSIDE, or even those tiny lizards breaking in....but it was huge. I'm talking at least a foot an a half long, black, with orange cheeks, and fast! I had no idea what to do! So I called Charlie and his suggestion was for me to kill it with an AX! First of all, that would have been disgusting to do IN my house and also...I'm not going to use an ax around my children. Mama Bear came out though and I just had to deal with it. I was able to herd him out the front door with my broom - but I was still shaking and my throat still hurts from the initial scream from when he ran across the room lol.

Charlie is gone all night, as he has a lock-out tonight with the teenagers. He won't be back until tomorrow morning and I hope I'm not paranoid about giant lizards all night...::sigh::

I talked to my mom a little big ago and she bought us tickets to go see the American Idol tour when it is in Dallas. lol That will be so fun, Charlie and Dad agreed to watch all the children...we never get to go do stuff alone, so that will be SO fun!

Well, my sweet Felicity is trashing my house so I must away for now...


At 5/25/2006 5:42 PM, Blogger Jennie C. said...

I wonder how the lizard got in!

At 5/25/2006 5:47 PM, Anonymous Ashley said...

Lucky! You get to see the American Idol tour! That's awesome! Hope you have fun! And, I thought the A.I. finale was anti-climactic as well. I'm glad Taylor won though. Can't wait for his CD. Anyway, good job on all of your 43 Things!

At 5/25/2006 8:49 PM, Anonymous Kelli said...

hey, i found your link through your old xanga page. i thought the "why oh why oh why" part was so funny, because today i had that same thing up in an away message for how my day was going! haha. glad the lizard is gone, and i hope it stays gone!


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