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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lovely Weekend

It has been a nice weekend. Charlie took Thursday off in addition to Friday and Saturday (his usual days off), because between last Sunday and Wednesday he had worked 40 hours. Crazy. But it was really good to spend so much time together this weekend. We got our tax refund on Friday which spurred a bit of a spending frenzy which was pretty fun. We were able to get a few things that we have been wanting for quite some time, with plenty of money left over to pay off some serious debts. It's a really nice feeling.
We got a king bed, and it's amazing. We co-sleep with babies, so Gabrielle sleeps with us every night. And then Felicity often joins us in the early morning when she wakes up and we want to sleep a bit more. So, four of us in the queen bed was not working out. Having all that extra space has been wonderful, I have noticed that both the baby and I are sleeping better. We got new sheets like the ones we had before because they were so cozy, but we got them in a turquoise blue and I ordered a chocolate brown microsuede duvet cover and shams from overstock.com. I think it will be pretty when it gets here but I'm nervous because when it comes to home decor I have never been so bold with color. I really prefer solid neutrals and then toss in a few things with color or pattern. But I think it will be pretty.
Last night we went to a program at Prince of Peace (where I do FAMILIA) called "The Ten Great Dates." They have really good childcare there, so I felt comfortable doing it. They give you questions to talk about and send you out on a date and watch the children. I thought I wanted to leave Gabrielle, but I just didn't feel comfortable leaving her yet; my gut instinct said no. Felicity wasn't too excited about it, but since Angie's kids were there and she got to play with Isaac she did ok. Anyway, we went to eat and had a nice time. We didn't talk about the questions much because they weren't really that great in my opinion and it wasn't something that we really needed to talk about. But there were some things that we DID need to talk about that I have really been holding back about. I had been struggling with some things and I didnt know how to bring these things up. So, emboldened by the situation I brought them up toward the end of the date. We talked about it a little bit, and then had to leave due to time (we had to pick Felicity up) and Charlie said we could talk about it in the car or at home. But, we didn't. So I'm left with the same issues and no resolution. So that was frusturating.
Charlie left early this morning, they are doing fundraising for Stubenville conference and Cove Crest this summer, so he isn't home all day and won't be back until 11-12ish since there is a Life Night tonight. I need to call my MIL and see if she'll watch the girls while I go to mass tonight - Felicity is in a weird 2 year old funk and I don't think I can count on good behavior for mass. I don't know though, maybe I'll just take them both....if I leave early we can get in the cry room (they're really nice at St. Anthony's, but tiny- which is good because then it doesn't lead to insanity). Maybe I'll do that... I don't know.
I need to go fold laundry and make lunch!


At 5/07/2006 3:35 PM, Blogger Jennie C. said...

Funny thing. My husband reads my blog, and if I'm having a hard time bringing something up, I write about it. It's good for me, because I can take my time saying just what I want to say, exactly the way I want to say it. It makes me think longer about the issue, and really, I usually resolve things on my own, realizing that problems were only problems in my own mind.

Of course, this means the rest of you read about it, too, but I think most of us go through the same things, so I don't mind. Sometimes, he does, because my family often thinks the worst of him, but it works.

At 5/07/2006 4:46 PM, Anonymous angie said...

Oh andrea,
Do you think it seems hard to talk to Charlie sometimes? Like they really mean well, you know they love you so, but no matter what it's like you are pulling words out of them?
The book I'm reading is called "every woman's battle" It's something I really struggle with. I'll have to tell you about it next time we see eachother.
I'm praying for you my friend.

At 5/07/2006 7:50 PM, Blogger Jennie C. said...

I understand about how difficult a topic it is to bring up. Men are fragile, more so than we are, I think. He might not want to bring up if there's even the slightest possibility of him feeling inadequate in any way whatsoever. (Turns out that's why men don't ask for directions!)

You know, my beloved tried censoring my blog because he'd given the address to some coworkers. I try to be tactful, and I'd never "rat him out" on the world wide web, so I told him "It's mine." It's an outlet for me and if I have to worry about every potential reader possibly being offended...I'd never get to say anything! So, I say to you, it's your blog. Be friendly, be Christian, but if there is something you want to talk about, by all means, say so. I promise you aren't the only one with any particular struggle, even though it may feel like it.

I have an email, if you like: armyofseven@yahoo.com.

Love to you, Andrea!

At 5/07/2006 8:18 PM, Anonymous Ashley said...

I think it is hard to talk about somethings when you are married. I do not always want to start something, so usually I keep things cooped up for a while, and then am ready to talk about them. I hope that Charlie brings up what you need to talk about, or that you find it in you to bring it up at another time.

BTW- love the idea of the sheets with the brown duvet color! So chic! And a king size bed! That has to be SO nice! YAY for you!

Good luck with everything!


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