A handmaid of the Lord

Behold the handmaid of the Lord: Be it done unto me according to Thy word. These are the thoughts and experiences of my journey toward being a handmaid with Mary as my example.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thoughts on Baby Food

I know that Gabrielle is more than ready to start on solid food, since she is approaching 7 months old. I feel really conflicted though about whether I should make my own baby food or not. On one hand, I worry that I'll do something wrong in the process and potentially harm her, but on the other, jarred baby food kind of grosses me out. I must clairify though, that the beginning baby food in a jar doesn't gross me out. It's really once you get to the stage 3-ish and it includes meats. The color is so unnatural, that I question its nutritional benefits for my baby! With Felicity, I started baby food at about 4 months, mostly because I was excited and she was my first baby. This time, I know that the baby food stage is NO FUN (in my opinion) and so I have been putting it off. Gabrielle is ready now though, and so I need to get started. Maybe I'll start with jarred stuff and by the time she's ready for meats she'll be old enough to have little pieces of solids and I won't have to do that jarred baby food meat that grosses me out...

The *other* issue is that with solid food comes returned fertility. *Note to self* Call NFP instructor

The Strangest Thing

The strangest thing happened yesterday. Charlie left for work and it was rainy and muddy as it was the day before. Several hours went by and my internet stopped working, as did my house phone line. We don't use our phone line, in fact I don't think I ever remember the phone number here; we only use our cell phones because it's practically long distance to call anywhere in Houston. Also, the lines at my house are really static-y and just bad. So anyway, I was sitting on the couch nursing Gabrielle and Felicity was playing. Suddanly there's a knock on the door and I see a man's head out the window near the door. Understand, we live off a dirt road, where people don't come, and the only people who have been around lately are construction guys. I could tell it wasn't a construction guy. So I opened the door and it was a police officer! It scared the daylights out of me! He seemed stressed after having to go through the awful mud, and asked the house number here and I told him. He then told me that they got a 911 call from my phone number and then when they tried to call back it was only static on the line! It was so strange! I told him that we don't even use our phone line, we only have it so we'll have internet. In fact, there's not even a phone plugged into it anywhere! He asked if Felicity could have called, and I said no, the phoneline is in my laundry room and I have a baby gate up so she can't go in there... He was so nice, but it was the weirdest thing! Creepy...

Today my FAMILIA group got together to play, but I couldn't go because Charlie had to take my jeep to work since his Jetta can't get through the mud. It just keeps raining and keeps raining...::sigh:: I don't want to spend the next several weeks stuck at home. I'm already getting stir crazy as I haven't left the house since...Monday morning. ugh

We are going to go to Fort Worth this weekend to visit my family. It's my mom's birthday, so I have to go shopping! My sister Julia is having a birthday a week from Saturday, so I need to get her something also. She's turning 1! lol Aparently she walks now, which blows my mind. Awww...I miss my family. My sister Marissa was IMing me this morning (she's 8), and it's just amazing to me that such little people can manuver the internet so well. lol

Well, I have much to do before we leave tomorrow so I suppose I should get to it!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Fun

Yesterday we had a party at my house for Memorial Day. It went alllllll day long and well into the night! The highlights included: too much delicious food, men getting stuck in the mud (it POURED rain and our dirt road turned into crazy mud), dancing, bathtime for the kids, giggling and playing in my bed with friends, and fun with Mr. Cuervo!

I remember being in high school and having really close friends who I felt super comfortable with, where we would just lounge around all day together, fall asleep in eachother's couches, or whatever. I haven't felt that with a friend for a long time, but yesterday was like that with Angie, Chris, and their kids. The party started at 1:00 and just kept going all day and night. I feel so blessed.

But now I have post-party let down! boooo <----as Angie would say lol

It's pouring rain again today. I don't know how we're going to get out of here, the mud is so bad.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Thoughts on Mass

What a truly beautiful day...

We got up early, planning on going to mass at 9, but changed our minds and went to walmart instead to get some things for the yard. We have a courtyard on the side of the house that, with some work, could be incredibly beautiful. That's where I want to put my Mary Garden and a statue of the Blessed Mother. Charlie dug a fire pit and put down that garden plastic to kill the grass, and started covering it with pine bark. It's going to look really pretty I think, I'll post pics for sure once I'm' done. I cleaned up the porch a bit, swept the never-ending sand away from the sand box, hung up some lovely flowers, and planted some basil and parsley. If we end up going back to walmart tomorrow, I need to buy some more chives as well. Our house has such potential for outdoor beauty that we have never tapped into, mostly because the money wasn't there or we didn't go outside as much. Now that Felicity plays out there all the time we enjoy being out there with her.

After working in the yard, we got cleaned up and headed to mass at SEAS and then to a graduation party for some of Charlie's teenagers.

Mass was really great for me today, although Gabrielle made it hard for me to concentrate because she is so wiggly. I think she'll be so much happier when she can crawl because she is just not content to be held. Anyway...that's off the topic. There was a lovely flower arrangement in front of the alter today, it must have been from a wedding over the weekend. It was all red roses and red gerbera dasies. It was striking and reminded me of my own wedding, where we had all red roses. We usually sit in the front, since Life Teen encourages the teenagers to sit together and Charlie sits with them. My girls are usually pretty well behaved when we're both there so that hasn't been an issue. When they brought the book of Gospels up today I couldn't help but think of our beloved John Paul the Great, and of his funeral. I will never forget sitting up at my parents house watching his funeral in the middle of the night, weeping, and still joyful. That red book always reminds me of him, and when they placed the book upon his coffin and the wind blew it shut. It gave me chills then, and as I think about it now I get them as well. Jesus was there and He was powerful.

Some issues in the (terrible, as usual) homily opened some doors of conversation between Charlie and I on the way home. It turned out to be a very enlightening conversation about us as a couple, and our past, and our love. He said something to me that moved me to tears, something I've been wating for him to say in the depths of my heart - without even realizing it. I am so madly in love with this man...

Well, I must head to bed. We are having a Memorial Day BBQ at my house tomorrow and I need some good sleep before I get up and get ready for it in the morning. My house is a mess and I need to run to the store...so hopefully I can get that all done in the AM.

John Paul the Great - Pray for Us!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yard Work

Today has been a really lovely day. Charlie was still really tired from the lock-out the other night so he slept soooooooo late...and incidently, so did I. It's a chain reaction, he sleeps late, then I do, and if I do, the Gabrielle and Felicity do. So, we weren't up and moving until noonish. hehe But we lounged around in bed for a while watching movies and snuggling and enjoying our sweet family.

Today we went shopping to the Houston Garden Center and Home Depot and got some stuff to improve our yard. We have this gorgeous courtyard to the side of our house that was really over grown and we have never dealt with it. But we have started working on it and Charlie's in the process of digging a fire pit for it. We're also going to put in a statue of Mary under the archway and a bench for praying. At Home Depot I got some beautiful hanging baskets of flowers and also some more basil and parsley (since my last try wasn't so hot).
My children are now offically in bed...so I think I'm going to go pick up and head to bed myself. We're going to morning mass tomorrow at St. Anthony's (YAY!) so we can get home and work on the yard some more... Goodnight!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

On My Way

I went to Michael’s the other day to get the supplies needed to learn the basics of jewelry making. The options were literally endless and I felt really overwhelmed. So, I ended up buying a “starter kit,” a bead storage box, and another “kit” of swarvarski crystal jewelry to do if I mastered the other, bigger kit. So far I made a bracelet, it’s pretty, but I think that someday in the future I might laugh at it. lol I’ll have to post up a pics of it. It’s three strands and black & white. I wore it out last night and it didn’t fall apart so I was happy about that. I think that the tools that came with my kit are definatly below par, so I’ll have to invest in better tools, but it was good to learn how they work on a basic level. I’m going to try to make a few more pieces before I attempt the beatutiful rosary of my dreams. I found instructions to it on a really interesting website, and I keep looking at it and understanding more and more as I learn the “launguage” of this hobby.

I Must Be Ok With This

I think I’m going to give this goal up. The last two days I’ve slept later than 8ish because I just wasn’t getting enough sleep. Going to bed at 2 and getting up at 8 or 9 after a night full of Gabrielle tossing & turning and nursing…it just wasn’t working for me. My family just gets up late. I have to be ok with that I guess. Maybe someday…

Friday, May 26, 2006

My Friend Across the Pasture

I'm about to head to bed....I'm so thankful for Angie tonight! She came over after her kids went to bed (for those who don't know, Angie is my friend AND neighbor, she moved into the house that we used to live in "across the pasture" about 3 months after we met through xanga) to keep me company tonight. Since she is also a youth minister's wife, she understands that the nights alone are the hardest. I am so very thankful for her company tonight!

Both of my girlies are sleeping (it's 1:30 they should be!) and I need to head to bed since I have to get up early (per 43things), mainly to talk to Charlie on his way home though (he's not sleeping all night).

Awwwwww...there is an infomercial on right now with Etta James singing At Last....that was our first dance at our wedding reception! It just gives me chills. I am so in love with my husband....

Sorry, off topic.

Anyway, I need to go to bed...but I might work on my bracelet for a few minutes since I'm having a bit of sambuca and it's not gone yet lol. I went to Michael's yesterday to buy beading supplies. I got a beginner kit to learn the basics because all the options were WAY overwhelming. One of my goals is to make a beautiful rosary, so I need to learn how to use the tools and the wiring and the crimp beads, etc. before I attempt that. If I don't do well I may also take a class at Michael's. It's just 2 hours long and with Gabrielle still exclusively nursing that worries me (though she doesn't nurse much during the day).

I'm rambling. Off to bed. Blessings!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mama Bear

Why oh why oh why....?

It seems like everytime Charlie has to go somewhere for a substantial amount of time, something happens at home that I wish he could be here to rescue me from?! lol This morning, as soon as he left this HUGE lizard ran across my living room! We do live in a forest, so it's not uncommon to see animals around OUTSIDE, or even those tiny lizards breaking in....but it was huge. I'm talking at least a foot an a half long, black, with orange cheeks, and fast! I had no idea what to do! So I called Charlie and his suggestion was for me to kill it with an AX! First of all, that would have been disgusting to do IN my house and also...I'm not going to use an ax around my children. Mama Bear came out though and I just had to deal with it. I was able to herd him out the front door with my broom - but I was still shaking and my throat still hurts from the initial scream from when he ran across the room lol.

Charlie is gone all night, as he has a lock-out tonight with the teenagers. He won't be back until tomorrow morning and I hope I'm not paranoid about giant lizards all night...::sigh::

I talked to my mom a little big ago and she bought us tickets to go see the American Idol tour when it is in Dallas. lol That will be so fun, Charlie and Dad agreed to watch all the children...we never get to go do stuff alone, so that will be SO fun!

Well, my sweet Felicity is trashing my house so I must away for now...

A Comment for My Friends

lol So a couple of my readers found it humorous that 8:00 AM was an early time for me to get up today! Let me expalin....I can see how this would be confusing to those who don't know me in "real life!"

My husband is a youth minister in the Catholic church,he runs a huge program called Life Teen for the ministry and catechesis of all 9th-12th graders in the largest parish in the Diocese of Houston. This is a huge program that requires him to work really late most nights of the week (and by late, I mean I get excited if he's home by 9 pm, but it's usually closer to 11-12). By the time he gets home, and we talk, and he plays with the kids, etc, nobody usually gets to bed before 1 am. SOMETIMES, if I'm lucky Felicity is in bed by midnight. But those nights we end up staying up later because we actually get to be alone, so then sometimes we're looking at 2 or 3 (AM). Felicity usually sleeps until 11-11:30 am. Gabrielle usually sleeps until 11:30-12:30 pm. Charlie usually sleeps until 11 or noon, and if he has to get up "early" that's usually 10ish. *I* usually sleep until llish, but I'm trying to get up around 8-9. Let's take today for example. Last night we went to bed at 2. Gabrielle had a rough night last night and tossed and turned and cried ost of the night (she's 6 months old and co-sleeps). I was udderly exhausted this morning when I got up at 9:00. In fact, I still haven't made coffee and I need to...both of my children are still sleeping (at 10). So...it's not as if I'm getting 10 hours of sleep a night or anything (wouldn't that be fun!) lol.

So, that long explaination basically comes down to we have a pretty normal schedule - just shifted down by a couple hours! I look forward to the day that my children are in bed by 8 or 9 like normal people, but for now, we're just sometimes leaving the park at that time. lol


Day 2

I did it today. Got up at 8ish. Thats super early for me. I had FAMILIA, which made it so very worth it! Plus I had to help Charlie get Felicity ready to go to the zoo (they went to the zoo together today…awww!).


Today I got in my 8 glasses. I also had coffee (as usual) and about 2/3 of a Diet Coke, which made me feel sick to my stomach. I was done with my 8 by about 4:30 this afternoon, and I am so thirsty still! I told Angie at lunch today that I should probably only drink water at home since I have to go to the bathroom all the time…not easy in public with babies….lol Anyway, this is going good. Two days down.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Good week so far...yesterday Angie and I hung out all day since our husbands didn't come home until the middle of the night. It's good to have someone to spend time with while our husbands are away. Today was my last FAMILIA meeting, which was sad, but we are still going to meet all summer just to play and maybe discuss a couple of books. Next week we are meeting at my house, so that should be fun. I don't know what my problem is today but I have been so moody....I hope I'm not pregnant - I'm not ready for that. I'm sure I'm not, but I can't help being paranoid. My body needs to recover from the last 3 years of being pregnant and nursing (I'm still nursing). With the exception of the first 10 days, I have spent our entire marriage either pregnant or nursing. After the c-section and VBAC, I really need a break. Hopefully God agrees... Maybe I'm just tired. That could be it.
Taylor won American Idol. I'm happy about that. The finale was super anti-climatic in my option though.
I'm going to go update on my goals on 43things and then go hang out with my family who are all in my bed tickling and giggling and singing the abc's. It makes my heart smile!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I have been focusing on this all day. I think this is an attainable goal and I plan on starting pilates to improve my strength and posture as well. I really have to pay attention to my posture while driving and on the internet. It’s hardest while holding a baby…I’ll work on that later.


Angie (www.43things.com/person/herlittleway) has really been encouraging me by her example! Today when she came over she made me her healthy lunch time shake that was delicious and we’ve been talking a lot about how to start working out. I need to update my membership at the Y and then I’m going to get started. I feel very inspired. We’ll see how far that takes me….

Success on Day One

Today was day one of getting up early. I got up about 3 hours earlier than usual and it felt great! At about noon I started to feel a dragging feeling, but Angie came over and (another of my goals) I drank a ton of water and made it successfuly through the day! I have my final FAMILIA meeting tomorrow morning early, so I have another reason to get up early!

I did it today!

I got in my 8 glasses today! WHOOHOO. I started off with a good two cups of coffee, and I was afraid I would turn straight to the diet cokes sitting in my fridge calling my name, but instead I filled up my trusty water bottle to 32 oz and got started. Then at dinner I had another 34 oz, so that was great!

Monday, May 22, 2006


Tommorrow I begin. I will be inspired by the fact that I have Angie and her kids coming over for lunch and to play at noon. I’ll need to run to the grocery store first, before Charlie leaves for work, because I couldn’t bare to take the children alone today. I just need to remember to set my coffee pot tonight so I’ll be ready for the morning! I’m always more inspired when I can smell the coffee!

It starts tomorrow

What inspired me to do this is the condition of my skin. I want it to glow! So, tomorrow I’m going to begin to tackle this. 8 X 8oz each day – I know I can so do it! I don’t think I can check it off the list until I’ve been doing it for several weeks and really differing to the water over diet sodas. At least I stopped drinking the full calorie cokes I was addicted to for 22 years…. On to the next step.

43 Things

I found the coolest website. www.43things.com I have always been really goal oriented AND list oriented, so this website is my dream come true! It's so fun! I can link it to my blog, so I will probably be cross posting from there on my goals. Here's my list.

It's 2 AM

Note: My last post probably sounds a lot more dramatic than it should be taken. It was vague and not what may be expected. That's all I have to say about that. lol

Great weekend! Friday night was Grace's birthday party, and we had fun as always! It was the cutest princess party ever! Yesterday was nice, we worked on the yard a bit (which if you know anything about Charlie and I, a "bit" in the yard is a major deal lol). After that we went to the crawfish festival at Christ the Good Shepherd and ate a huge mountain of crawfish. The "after party" was at my house and we had so much fun! We didn't intend to seperate from our male counterparts, but Angie, Kelly, and I spent fun girl time in the house while the guys blew things up with guns and made some sort of fire. Not sure what was going on there....just saw the flames out in the (dried up) lake.

While I was talking to Angie last night I had some huge revelations about myself and how I feel about myself. She said some things to me that really affirmed me, whether she was aware of it or not. It reminded me of when Charlie and I were reading Wild at Heart and the author, John Eldridge, discusses that masculinity begets masculinity - that women can never bestow it upon a man, whether he is a husband or son. I think the same goes the other way, femininity inspires femininity and she said some things to me that encouraged my feminine heart in a really important way, especially in relationship to my husband.

I'm going to learn how to sew. I've been talking to women who know how and so I need to save up some money to buy a machine.

My baby's crying so more later...it's almost 2 am...eek.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Rescue Me

Satan knows just what to do to work his agenda right into my heart. He knows how to make me doubt myself and how to doubt my choices and my relationships and, more than anything, my femininity. What he did today was draped with innocence, yet I knew what was happening the whole time. While I may have resisted, the events still wounded my heart.

I'm praying tonight to resist this world. I'm praying for Jesus to rescue me.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Who is this Child???

I don't know what happened today, but some other 2-year-old took over my sweet Felicity! We went up to church with Charlie today so we could go back to the St. Francis bookstore (more on that later), and on the way home she freeked out. It was hysterical crying on the way home for over an hour. She wasn't hungry or thirsty, nothing was poking or hurting her. Sometimes the sun was in her eyes (Charlie's Jetta doesn't have tinted windows) and she hadn't really had much of a nap. But nonetheless, it was behavior we have *never* seen with her. ::sigh:: I'm glad it's over.

The bookstore was fun as ever. I got Felicity some appropriate Catholic things to distract her in mass and we also got the information from Lawrence to aquire first class relics of Sts. Felicity and Perpetua. Most importantly, we returned the (expensive) keychain depicting the Holy Family that Felicity lifted last time we were there. After we had checked out last time, Charlie and Lawrence were chatting and Felicity was holding the bag, I was attending to the baby. During their conversation, Lawrence told Charlie what a problem he has with shoplifting in his store, so I was quite horrified to find an item in the bag that hadn't been purchased.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I think I'm going to see if Charlie will watch the girls for an hour or two tomorrow (Felicity is never a problem for him, but since Gabrielle is still nursing it kind of worries him I think). I have a gift card to Barnes and Noble that I would like to use, and I also want to go to Michael's to look at beading supplies. I have to do some major grocery shopping too, but for that I don't mind strapping Gab in the Bijorn if necessary.
Tomorrow Angie is having a birthday party for her little girl, so that will be fun. Then on Saturday we are going to an afternoon showing of "Over the Hedge" to protest the DaVinci Code movie.

That is all for now. I have so much laundry to do...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Interesting Blog

I found this blog today. I agree with a lot of what he says, and find this post in particular very interesting.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Super Long Weekend Update

I'm kind of lonely today. Charlie will be working late and after a really fun-filled weekend I'm kind of feeling the let down being here in the quiet.

We enjoyed our weekend, as we had a lot of events and stuff to do, so we got to spend quite a bit of time together. On Saturday we had to go up to church because all the faith formation directors were having a party for their volunteers, so we went early and went to St. Frances catholic bookstore over on Hwy. 6. It is owned by a couple who is incredibly faithful. They have the "official" shrine for Blessed Miguel Pro, it is the spot that the Vatican designated for all of Fr. Pro's cannonization stuff. It was amazing, the owner, Lawrence, told me the whole story of Fr. Pro and showed me all of the different relics he has. Charlie explained to me that Lawrence is in a lay order who is in charge of preserving relics and that was why he had so many. We're talking first-class relics, pieces of bone and such. He had all of the 12 disciples, Anne and Joachim, Francis, Claire, Therese of Lisoux, Bernadette, Foustina, tons of them - even a piece of the true cross. It was amazing. I am so thankful to be catholic and a part of this rich and beautiful faith of truth. While we were there I didn't get to look around as much as I would have liked since Felicity is a destructive 2-year-old and Charlie had to be back to church to set up. But I did buy Felicity a miraculous medal with the birthday money that my grandparents sent her. It doesn't bother her and it is so sweet to see her with it on. You can see it in one of the pics above I think. Our sweet Deacon Lupe blessed it for her when we got up to church.

The party that night was nice, we got to eat Johnny Carino's and dance and chat. Charlie got in his new shirts that he's selling with the vatican flag crest on it. That's what we're wearing with the yellow sleeves. On the back it says PAPIST and below XVI (16- for Benedict our holy pope!). I saw it on God or the Girl on one of the guys and pointed it out to him and in a matter of weeks he did it. lol Kevin made a cool one too with a very simple outline of Our Lady of Guadalupe that says "Mama's Boy" underneath.

For Mother's Day, Charlie had to work all day selling roses as a fundraiser so we didn't really do anything. He did get me a sweet gift though and wrote me a beautiful card.
I will never forget my first Mother's Day. We were still at St. Paul's, and it was the first time that we took Felicity up for mass, as she was brand new, only a few weeks old at most. It was the day that confirmed in my heart God's love for me and His wisdom because only He knows what would truly give me joy. For 9 months I had not looked forward to becoming a mother, but that day they gave all the mothers roses. I remember walking through the line, holding my precious child and a young man that was in the Life Teen program that I knew handed me a rose and said, "Happy Mother's day, Andrea." And with that, it was like an internal gasp - I was a mother, and I had great joy and peace in that. It was a precious moment.

Yesterday there was a huge storm at my house, pouring rain and thunder and lightening right on top of us. We live in a heavily wooded forest of pine trees, so I always get a little scared. I called Charlie and told him that we were going to go up to church early and to see if he needed anything. As I was talking to him my power cut out. So I had to get the girls ready in the dark (and myself! scary!) and we got out of here as soon as the rain let up a bit before it came back through. On our way home at about 10:30, Angie's husband (Angie is my dear friend and also nearest neighbor) called because they had just arrived home after a weekend in Dallas to NO POWER. After 7 hours it had not been fixed! So Charlie and Chris went to the store for candles (and came back with a multitude of religious candles in spanish, lol) and beer and wine. We all sat around in the dark and played drinking games and laughed and had a great time. We finally had to come home regardless of the fact that the power wasn't back on yet because Charlie was sooooo tired. It came home almost immediately after we got home. We had so much fun, so I was glad it was out. lol

So after all that....today is a bit lonely. There's a lot going on in my heart right now - I need to get my chores done, put the girls down, and get in some good prayer time.
St. Frances and St. Claire - pray for us.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Not much going On

Not much going on lately...Charlie's been working a lot, as usual. But hopefully today he'll get home while it's still light out! I'm counting on him grilling a tritip for dinner! Mmmmmmmmm...
We got to talk the other night about all the stuff going on with us, and it was wonderful. I've felt such peace since then. There were some things I had wanted to share with him for almost as long as I've known him that had a lot to do with the issue at hand. He made me feel so safe and loved. I have a good one. :-)

Our new duvet cover is coming today, I am excited to see my bed all put together. I think it will be pretty. I have truly been sleeping better with all that space, I don't have to worry about someone falling off all night (whether it be me or Gabrielle!).

I got some beautiful flowers for my computer desk. I'll have to post a pic of them later, they are Oriental Lillies and they smell delicious! God's creation is amazing.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Communion of Saints

My children were absolutly angelic in mass. No sarcasm, in all seriousness.

I do not attribute it to them, nor to myself.

I believe 100% that it was by the intercession of Saints.

While getting ready and driving to St. Anthony's I was praying spcifically to Sts. Anne, Felicity, and Perpetua -all notable mothers by the way- to pray for me and for my children to behave in mass, as this was my first time to take them both all alone. We named our children (Felicity Anne, Gabrielle Perpetua) after these women and I have asked for their prayers many times.

Not only were they quiet, but also sat still and entertained themselves and I got to *gasp* pay attention! lol Sweet babies.

Lovely Weekend

It has been a nice weekend. Charlie took Thursday off in addition to Friday and Saturday (his usual days off), because between last Sunday and Wednesday he had worked 40 hours. Crazy. But it was really good to spend so much time together this weekend. We got our tax refund on Friday which spurred a bit of a spending frenzy which was pretty fun. We were able to get a few things that we have been wanting for quite some time, with plenty of money left over to pay off some serious debts. It's a really nice feeling.
We got a king bed, and it's amazing. We co-sleep with babies, so Gabrielle sleeps with us every night. And then Felicity often joins us in the early morning when she wakes up and we want to sleep a bit more. So, four of us in the queen bed was not working out. Having all that extra space has been wonderful, I have noticed that both the baby and I are sleeping better. We got new sheets like the ones we had before because they were so cozy, but we got them in a turquoise blue and I ordered a chocolate brown microsuede duvet cover and shams from overstock.com. I think it will be pretty when it gets here but I'm nervous because when it comes to home decor I have never been so bold with color. I really prefer solid neutrals and then toss in a few things with color or pattern. But I think it will be pretty.
Last night we went to a program at Prince of Peace (where I do FAMILIA) called "The Ten Great Dates." They have really good childcare there, so I felt comfortable doing it. They give you questions to talk about and send you out on a date and watch the children. I thought I wanted to leave Gabrielle, but I just didn't feel comfortable leaving her yet; my gut instinct said no. Felicity wasn't too excited about it, but since Angie's kids were there and she got to play with Isaac she did ok. Anyway, we went to eat and had a nice time. We didn't talk about the questions much because they weren't really that great in my opinion and it wasn't something that we really needed to talk about. But there were some things that we DID need to talk about that I have really been holding back about. I had been struggling with some things and I didnt know how to bring these things up. So, emboldened by the situation I brought them up toward the end of the date. We talked about it a little bit, and then had to leave due to time (we had to pick Felicity up) and Charlie said we could talk about it in the car or at home. But, we didn't. So I'm left with the same issues and no resolution. So that was frusturating.
Charlie left early this morning, they are doing fundraising for Stubenville conference and Cove Crest this summer, so he isn't home all day and won't be back until 11-12ish since there is a Life Night tonight. I need to call my MIL and see if she'll watch the girls while I go to mass tonight - Felicity is in a weird 2 year old funk and I don't think I can count on good behavior for mass. I don't know though, maybe I'll just take them both....if I leave early we can get in the cry room (they're really nice at St. Anthony's, but tiny- which is good because then it doesn't lead to insanity). Maybe I'll do that... I don't know.
I need to go fold laundry and make lunch!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Let's Pray

Today I had my Familia meeting. I remember at the very beginning in October I only knew Angie, and now these women have all become my friends. We went an hour longer than usual and it seems like it would be because we had to do two lessons, but really it was because we kept getting off topic and chatting! I feel so blessed to be a part of this group, and I am thankful that God tugged at my heart when I heard about it. My dear friend Angie wrote about this in her xanga today, and I was also struck by the beautiful call we have as parents to write on the slates of the hearts of our children simply by praying WITH them. Praying with other people is really uncomfortable for me, as growing up we did not do that. When we did, it was akward and foreign. I think Felicity is old enough to be prayed with, in fact, I feel like we have sort of failed on this up to this point because could it ever really be too early?

I am really tired today. Charlie has been working late every night, and 2 of those nights this week have been unexpected late nights. Tonight is one of them. I am so proud of him and of his sincere desire to serve the Church. However, I can not help but be really worn out by the last 3 years worth of no schedule. I never know what is going to happen, when he'll be here, when he won't, and frankly it makes me so tired! I can't plan my weeks or even days very accuratly, because I know that everything can change and often does. Church work is hard on family life.

I don't mean to complain.

But I'm going to go make a pot of coffee.

Birthday Party Pics

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Birthday Pictures

Party pics to come....they're all on my mom's camera so I'm waiting for her to send them to me. But here is Felicity's actual birthday with us! Awww... I can't believe I have a 2-year-old!