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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why I love Lysol

On Monday we had dinner with Charlie's mom and my sweet friend Angie came over as well with her family (they are also our neighbors and have kids similar ages, plus a 3 year old). Yesterday when I was chatting with her on AIM, she says oh Andrea, my kids are throwing up everywhere. I say oh Angie, I feel for you - I hate that you are having to deal with that, I haven't really had to do that yet, but I know it will happen eventually.

Today is eventually.


I knew things were going to be rough with Gabrielle, as she has allergies and it is definatly allergy season in Houston. But Felicity....oh sweet Felicity. She woke up and threw up on Charlie. It was just a little bit, so I thought it was over. She didn't eat at lunch. We go to the store, no problems. On the way home she falls asleep about an hour and a half before her normal nap time and stays asleep for nearly 4 hours (about double normal naptime). I smell something. Something not good. I walk in her room and she is sleeping in the worst, most disgusting diaper I have seen - ever. And it's everywhere. On her sheets, pillows, blankets, beloved puppy, in her hair, all over her clothes and skin. Since she was still asleep I prepared for her to wake up by getting a disposable changing pad on the hard floor along with plenty of wipes. Got the bath tub filled and ready. Put out plastic bags to hold trash. Prepared the washer for a fresh load of really dirty laundry. When I got her up she looked so pathetic and sounded so sad. I cleaned her up (glad I prepped) and she hated getting her hair washed as usual. She was all clean and warm in some pjs and watching Jack's Big Music Show. She asked to have a drink and a snack, so I gave her water, yogurt, and toast. Not 20 minutes pass after the first mess was cleaned before the next began. She threw up about 4 times. All over her little winnie the pooh couch, and then mostly on the hard wood floor. Meanwhile, the baby's screaming.

I couldn't help but take a step back and giggle a bit. I'm so glad that God blessed me with a sense of humor at a time that my tendancy to freek out may have taken over. I called Charlie to see what time he would be home tonight and if he could pick up some stuff for Felicity to feel better. Funnily, the one who usually has such a sense of humor freeked out. He doesn't like sick babies, it stresses him out. lol

Well, I thought I might document this day - the day of "eventually." I'm sure that in the future when I have a ton of kids this will be semi-routine, but for now I'm just learning. Wish me luck as I whisk myself off to the world of really smelly diapers and lysol!


At 4/20/2006 12:09 AM, Blogger Lillian said...

Oh Andrea! Welcome to the wonderful world of mommyhood! I still remember my first time too! And after 5 kiddos my hubby still doesn't do well with sick kids. I've really enjoyed your blog!! Its given me lots to think about!! Get some rest and keep the bucket handy! Its always when they're sick that our loves shines the most! You are her best medicine!

At 4/20/2006 5:51 AM, Blogger Jennie C. said...

Well, at least you are still laughing! I hope the little ones feel better soon.

Once, last April, all five of mine got sick, but not all at the same time. There was so much vomit that I couldn't even leave the house for two weeks. No church, no groceries, not even a walk around the block. Thank goodness for neighbors who don't mind picking up fresh milk!


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