A handmaid of the Lord

Behold the handmaid of the Lord: Be it done unto me according to Thy word. These are the thoughts and experiences of my journey toward being a handmaid with Mary as my example.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Free Trial

I think I’m going to sign up for the free trial later on today.

Small, but thriving

I have a small herb garden going in a large pot on the porch. I’ve got two large basil plants going, I revived my poor dying chives, and there is a flat leaf parsley plant going. They are all growing well; it is encouraging for when we buy a house and I can create a large cullenary herb garden. For now, I’m going to say I’ve done it!

I love this thing!

My mom heard that I wanted one of these, so she got me one! She got me the family sized one that has two sides. It’s huge. It was on sale at Target, and such a good deal! I used it the other night when Angie came over for dinner. I made steaks on one side and hot dogs for the kids on the other side. It was amazing. Easy to clean, easy to use… It’s so much less intimidating than the outside grill. I am content to let my darling husband be in charge of outdoor cooking! But this this is great. I’m going to grill up a bunch of chicken breasts later on this evening and freeze them for salads or dinners or whatever my little heart desires later on. yaya

We did it!

Directv is gone from our house! It’s so weird… We got tv antennas and they do pretty good, except for channel 2, which is NBC. Not sure what we’re going to do about that. We have been spending our time doing things other than watching TV, so…that was the goal. lol I’m really excited to be able to check this off the list!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I'm going back to xanga.

I just like it better.


Saturday, June 10, 2006


I'm a pretty serious introvert. I have real issues with stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that might embarass me. So when Angie asked me to go with her and Kelly to the "Latin Dance Workout" at the YMCA, I was really stressed. See...there are so many things that sound like fun to me but I really have to talk myself into doing them because it's really easy for me to say no and hide. Almost ALWAYS I am able to convince myself to do whatever it is, and then I am glad that I did...but it's such a struggle for me to get there. I really dislike that about myself, but I've spent 23 years this way and I have learned how to talk myself into things. At the same time though, I will often do things up to a limit. For example, today at the latin dance class, I had a great time but when the instructor put us in a circle and people were being pulled into the middle to show off their moves, I pretty much wanted to throw up. If she had asked me to do it, I would have said no. I have a limit...I just can't do it. Poor Angie was panicing for me. lol
I feel like I am adventureous. Just...sometimes I have to be coerced into it. It seems like in the last 24 hours I've really taken some risks....and in all cases I was satisfied with the outcome. I suppose it will always be that way lol.

Well...we are going to spend the afternoon cleaning out our sunroom. It will soon have it's very own purpose and use. More on that in a couple weeks...

Friday, June 09, 2006

A Healthy Fear?

Today we went to Splashtown. My girls are so tired and Charlie and I are as well. We had a wonderful time though! It was Charlie's last day of Jr. High day camp, and we were invited to join them there for a day of fun! It was Felicity's first time at a waterpark and she had so much fun! A little too much fun...she's very brave and while I really do LOVE to swim, I am terrified of water at the same time. She made me so nervous. My mother-in-law came along as well and helped me with the girls. At one point, we were in the toddler/little kid area and Lori (my MIL) had the baby and I was playing with Felicity. I was rubbing my eyes for maybe 10 seconds when I heard her yell, "Andrea!!!!" I looked down and Felicity was floating face down in the water. It absolutly terrified me. It was only for a split second, Lori told me that Felicity slipped right as I got her, but still the image of her floating in the water like that is just haunting me today! She was perfectly fine, and when I got her out, she spit out some water and wanted to get back in. ::sigh:: But babies and water scare me. Maybe this fall I'll get in one of those mommy and me swim classes at the Y just to start her learning the rules and become more familiar with the whole water scenario. Not that something like that would have prevented the slip, but it just got me thinking... ANYWAY, we had a great day and so much fun.

I have a cranky baby. Maybe I'll update more later.